People Caught Smoking Marijuana in New York City Will Get a Free Lift to Court

People say New York City has the best public transportation, but if you're forced to go to court for smoking marijuana, you'll get the best transport to the court imaginable.

Earlier this month, New York City police and prosecutors officially began a new policy in regards to people caught smoking marijuana that will only require them to pay a fine. There are some exceptions, for instance if you're caught smoking marijuana and haven't paid your fine for previously doing so you could be sent to jail. However, the NYPD said that may not actually happen.

If someone receives a second marijuana smoking ticket before paying their first, the NYPD says they will take that person into their patrol car and drive them straight to court in order to deal with the two fines. If court is not in session, then that person would be taken into custody until the court opens.

This is actually a continuing pattern by the NYPD to avoid arresting people for low level crimes. A few weeks ago they also announced a new policy where they would no longer arrest repeat subway toll evaders and would simply give out court summonses. 

The hope is that this new policy will cut arrests by around 10,000 over the next year.

And you don't have to get an Uber to go to court. Win-win?

(h/t Wall Street Journal)


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