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Summit To Showcase 'Disruptive' Developments in Cannabis

Cannabis conferences, summits, classes are becoming so common, some say they're almost too mainstream. But the New West Summit is taking a slightly different approach. The Summit, which will be held in San Fransisco November 20-21, focuses exclusively on the "game-changing, disruptive developments in the technology, investment, and media within the cannabis space."

Here's a few anticipated highlights.

1. Extraction and vaporization trends

According to New West organizers, half of attendees at a 2015 Phish show were using vape pens and oil rather than smoking joints or pipes - in other words, the anecdotal evidence, at least, suggests vaping is where it's at. The Summit brings together the cannabis extraction and vaporizer creation professionals, including and Bloom Farms, Vapexhale and AbsoluteXtracts, to look at where industry will be in five years.

2. Forecasting legalization

Some predict 2016 could be a record-breaking year for legalization: panelists will talk about what that looks like in California and other states in the coming year. Topics covered by panelists like Fiona Ma of the California State Board of Legalization include voter sentiment, external threats and internal divisions.

3. Evolving cultivation

With legalization comes the end of a century-long freeze on agricultural innovation. Hear from companies like Flow Kana on "disruptions rocking genetics, sexing, building structures, light deprivation, vegetation, nutrients, flowering, harvesting, processing and storage."

4. Editorial trends

The way that digital and traditional media cover cannabis-related issues is shifting. New content models like Smoke Reports and MassRoots and the rise of consumer brand editorial, and dispensary social media will be up for discussion - as well as what users want to watch/read/listen to, what major editorial brands are doing, and what emerging ones are doing next.

5. Infused products

The Summit will look at the next five years in edibles: major industry missteps, dosage standardization, micro-dose trends, next-level packaging and brand identity, and the rise of functional infused products like Sensi-Chews and Magical Butter.

Intrigued? For the full details on New West Summit, click here.


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