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New Study Finds People are Getting Stupider

We know that from the days of the cavemen, humanity has slowly gotten smarter. But it turns out we're actually starting to take a turn for the worst.

A new study shows that human beings are getting stupider. Throughout the 20th century, humanity experienced what is called the "Flynn Effect," where IQ tests among people increased by about three points per decade. But a new study of over 730,000 IQ tests reveals that those results are starting to reverse. 

The results showed that for people born after 1975, there's been about a 7 point drop in IQ per generation. The drops were even seen within families (i.e. sons having lower IQs than their fathers) indicating it's not shifting demographics that could explain the drops.

Now, it should be noted that the 730,000 IQ tests were only taken by Norwegian males ages 18 to 19 as part of their compulsory military service. So it's possible it's just Norwegian males who are getting stupider. But James Flynn, the man who the "Flynn effect" is named after, saw a similar dip in British teen IQs in a study conducted almost a decade ago.

There are arguments that the IQ test may be an imperfect method of measuring intelligence, and that it may be too antiquated for modern generations. So it's possible people aren't getting stupider, just our tests are.

Or maybe humanity is slowly slipping into an anti-Renaissance where we just get stupider and stupider until society collapses.

(h/t ScienceAlert)


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