New Study Says Marijuana Users Are Bad at Planning Ahead

When you think of marijuana users, you probably imagine someone sitting on a couch with a bong and a bag of Doritos. And while we know that stereotypical stoner image may not be accurate, there are some aspects that may be true.

A new study from Australia says that frequent marijuana users are worse at planning ahead than non-users. They specifically said that marijuana users show a decreased episodic memory or episodic foresight, which is basically the ability to think about the future.

The researchers conducted an Autobiographical Interview test on 57 marijuana users and 57 non-users. Each person was asked to think about a past situation or a possible future situation. The marijuana users who consumed cannabis frequently (three or more times per week) found it more difficult to imagine future scenarios than less frequent marijuana users or non-users.

Basically, they couldn't imagine their own future.

So why is that? Well, we don't really know. The people behind the study themselves admitted that more research needs to be done on the subject and that there isn't really a scientific reason to explain why cannabis use would mess with this ability.

And before people beginning saying this study proves that smoking marijuana means less future success, please point them to Snoop Dogg, Carl Sagan, Seth Rogen and the many, many other famous stoners who prove that's not the case.

(h/t Big Think)


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