New Study Examines Penis Size: What Men Have vs. What Men (and Women) Want

Abortion, guns, taxes and penis size. These are the four issues that Americans have heatedly debated for decades, without ever reaching a solution. Well, one Reddit user tackled the hardest issue of the four.

SaintUpid collected data from over 700 Redditors about penis size and analyzed it into some very helpful graphs. Here were his results:

1. Size distribution in Inches

01 penis size

In this graph, SaintUpid showed the distribution of the men's penis sizes based off self-reports. He found that most men who measured in inches rounded up to the nearest half-inch.

2. Size distribution in Centimeters

02 penis size

He also found that men rounded up when measuring in centimeters, but to a lesser extent.

3. Wants vs. Haves– Length

03 penis size

In this graph, SaintUpid compared the distribution of men's penis sizes with what women and homosexual men wanted from their partner. As you can see, women's wants were actually pretty identical to the distribution of men's penises. Gay men, however, wanted penis sizes to be slightly larger than the actual distribution.

4. Wants vs. Haves– Circumference

04 penis size

He did a similar comparison of wants versus desires when it comes to circumference. Like with length, the distribution of penis circumference was pretty even with the desires of women and men. In fact, women actually seemed to prefer a smaller circumference than the average male. But he did express some skepticism that people may not have understood what circumference means.

5. Heatmap of Wants vs. Desires

05 penis size

Finally he compared all of men and women's wants with all of the distribution of penis sizes. As shown in the graph, penis availability and female wants were pretty similar. However, men had a much smaller sweet spot of sizes that they liked. 

Of course, this study is entirely based on self-reported data. And we know men are almost always truthful when it comes to this topic.

You can check out SaintUpid's full graphs and analysis here. And you can read a full discussion about the data and results in this Reddit thread.


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