New Study Confirms That, Yes, Marijuana Makes Sex Better

We often hear that marijuana use can lead to more sex, and even better sex. And now scientists are examining whether that's really true.

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Medicine (which is apparently a real thing) looked at the relationship between sex and marijuana use. The study employed a survey of over 28,000 women and nearly 23,000 men, so the sample size is quite large.

The study found that marijuana users are in fact more likely to have sex than non-users. Specifically, daily marijuana users have about 20 percent more sex than people who have never used cannabis. That's a stat that will probably not find its way into any anti-marijuana lectures in the future. The study also determined that cannabis did not impair sexual function either.

A separate study examined whether marijuana would impair or enhance sexual pleasure. This study looked at 133 sexually-active women. Of those 133, 38 said they had used marijuana prior to sex. Of those 38, 72 percent said using cannabis enhanced their sexual experience, while only 16 percent said it ruined it. Even when the scope of the study was expanded to 289 women, 65 percent said marijuana enhanced sexual experiences.

So basically, if you want better sex, use marijuana. And if you're not having sex, you should still use marijuana because statistically speaking it will increase your chances of having sex.

(h/t Forbes)


President Trump's 2020 budget request includes a loophole that would let Washington, DC finally open up dispensaries for recreational cannabis. Although DC voters passed a ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis back in 2014, Congress has used its power over the nation's capital to prevent it from selling cannabis for recreational use. Right now, local dispensaries can only sell medical marijuana to registered patients thanks to Congress, which controls spending in the District of Columbia.

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