According to Gallup's daily tracker, President Trump's approval ratings fell to 36% over the weekend, thanks to the Paris climate accord debacle and the general state of all things Trump. This is in stark contrast with a new Politico/Morning Consult poll that shows the number of Americans who support impeachment proceedings is on the rise, and in fact, has overtaken Trump's dismally low approval rating. Nearly 43% believe a presidential impeachment is the best path to follow. 

Numerous congressmen have trumpeted support for beginning impeachment proceedings as well. Rep. Al Green from Texas put an official call to Congress for impeachment and Californian Rep. Maxine Waters continues to lead the charge against Trump's presidency, especially in regards to collusion between Trump and Russia. So far, there hasn't been much traction among the majority of Congress but this could start to change if these polls continue to trend in their current directions.

Either way, when it's all said and done Trump has a good shot at holding a very prestigious position: The least popular president in modern history.  

h/t Newsweek