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New Poll Says Cannabis Prohibition Doesn't Work And Americans Don't Want It To

Whether cannabis is legal or not has no bearing on whether or not people actually consume it, according to a Civilized culture poll conducted by PSB Research. And furthermore, Americans are over trying to accommodate cannabis prohibition, with 85 percent of respondents saying that they support some form of legalization.

And there’s good reason for them to welcome marijuana reform. Sixty-three percent of non-consumers say that legalization has had a positive economic effect where cannabis has been legalized, while 95 percent of cannabis consumers say the same thing.

Nineteen percent of Americans currently consume cannabis. And of those who consume, four out of five use the plant for recreational purposes and half use it medicinally. Another third of cannabis consumers also say they use CBD for medical or other purposes.

And those numbers are likely to grow as the legalization movement continues to gain momentum.

“The 2018 midterm elections just confirmed the data from The Cannabis Culture Poll – cannabis is moving from niche to normal across the US,” said Chris Foster, President, North America, BCW. “Michigan voters just made their state the tenth in the U.S. to legalize recreational cannabis, and Missouri and Utah passed initiatives to legalize medical marijuana, making medical use legal in 32 states.”

To gain more traction, the industry needs to expand its sphere of influence. About half of non-consumers and more than thirds of consumers said they would view the cannabis industry more favorably if outside organizations partnered up to develop medical standards and regulations — another reason why legalization does and would improve the state of cannabis in places where it is or could be legal.

While more than 40 percent of non-consumers have tried cannabis before, many of those who haven't tried it say they would be willing to do so. However, for 30 percent of American non-consumers, prohibition was not their reason for abstaining — in fact, they said they didn't have a particular reason. So cannabis prohibition has failed to deter consumption, and Americans would rather nix it than waste more time and money on trying fix it.


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