A New Cannabis Product That Will Fit You Like A Glove

Seeing someone's dirty, bare hands all over the cannabis they're about to buy is a pet peeve for a lot of people. Medical marijuana patients, in particular, question why their medicine isn't treated with the hygiene standards you'd see at any pharmacy or clinic. But whether you're consuming cannabis with a prescription, or just for fun, sticky budtender fingers gross out almost everyone.

Enter a new niche product: gloves specifically designed for budtenders, growers, trimmers - basically anyone who has to handle massive amounts of marijuana in the course of a day.

Billed as "the official glove of the cannabis industry," these black, non-stick nitrite gloves are made without the nonstick powder found on most on latex gloves, which some complain gets mixed with the resin on bud to leave an unpleasant residue. For trimmers and harvesters, wearing nitrite gloves also means you get to avoid the tedious and sticky process of picking finger hash off your digits at the end of the day.

Weirdly, gloves specifically for handling cannabis plants and extracts are actually less expensive than the garden-variety latex kind, provided you buy in bulk - and, according to the internet, super-saver types can freeze/rub them together at the end of the day and collect the trichome-y goodness.

While most of us don't get to handle enough marijuana to make these a worthy investment, the existence of BudGloves proves one thing: in the cash-grab of North America's so-called Green Rush, some company, somewhere, is rushing to solve any cannabis-industry packaging/processing/harvesting problem you can imagine.


Few other entrepreneurs in the cannabis space have their hands in quite as many ventures as Lorne Gertner. Currently dubbed the "godfather of the Canadian cannabis industry," Gertner told Civilized, "If we could live through normalization, we could change the world." Hailing from the fashion industry, this Toronto native says he's on a mission to "make the world a better place through cannabis and design excellence." The only catch is, well, normalizing cannabis — and that's where Gertner's keen eye for style comes in. "In the old days, you were going to be different or you were going to be normal," said Thom Antonio, Gertner's friend, creative director, and collaborator of 35 years.

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