New Map Shows States with the Biggest Drug Problems

The national emergency surrounding the opioid crisis is no secret. In fact, the current government has made it a top priority and it's one of the biggest news stories of 2019. But how is this crisis affecting different regions of the United States? The folks over at Wallet Hub decided to look into which states are being affected the most but illegal drugs. Let's take a look at their findings: 

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 10.21.52 AM

It should be noted that their rankings include three factors: 1) Drug Use & Addiction, 2) Law Enforcement and 3) Drug Health Issues & Rehab. For more information, check out their methodology

One of the most interesting things on the chart is how neighboring states don't necessarily have corresponding rankings. For example, Missouri is ranked #3 while Kansas is ranked #48. And there's a similar difference between Virginia and West Virginia. It just goes to show that states have more of an independent identity than we might realize. 


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