New Jersey Senator Is Worried That 'Sex Toys And Oils With Marijuana' Will Flood The State After Legalization

One marijuana opponent in New Jersey claims the real problem with legalization is that people might bring it into the bedroom.

"If in fact we legalize recreational marijuana, right across the street from my office they're going to put up stores," Senator Ron Rice (D) told NJTV News recently. "They want to call them dispensaries, but they're going to be stores that do retail selling cupcakes with marijuana, candies with marijuana, sex toys and oils with marijuana, lipsticks with marijuana, all those kinds of products that kids can get and people can get."

Rice leads the Legislative Black Caucus, which is staunchly opposed to legalizing recreational cannabis in New Jersey. His comments come after Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D) proposed some amendments to the legalization bill introduced Senator Nick Scutari (D). Holley was part of a team that visited Colorado to evaluate the legal cannabis market there and see how things could move forward in the Garden State. Holley says his main concern is to "provide opportunities for minorities, and women, and people who look like me to be a part of this discussion for the legalization of marijuana."

"Expungements have to happen," he said. "I will not support it unless there's language in there to support expungement. There's individuals who look like me, and those individuals who do not look like me, that are incarcerated for little, small portions of marijuana."

Rice seems far less concerned with defeating the racist legacy of cannabis prohibition than Holley. He's more concerned with the likelihood that the rate of cannabis consumption in New Jersey will increase if marijuana prohibition is repealed.

"I'm five blocks away from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey which is a predominant rich, upper-middle class, white community, college community," Rice said. "What we know is that when you legalize marijuana recreationally, the number of people who've never used any type of drugs goes up substantially in terms of drug use."

As Governor Phil Murphy (D) and other lawmakers continue to push for legal cannabis, chances are those cannabis sex lubes will be coming to NJ bedrooms sooner or later.

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