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New Jersey Politician Says She'd Rather Legalize Prostitution than Pot

Marijuana advocates may make bizarre arguments against cannabis legalization, but one New Jersey politician took it to a whole new level yesterday.

Former New Jersey Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno said in a radio interview that if New Jersey is so desperate for tax revenue, the state should legalize prostitution, not marijuana. Guadagno clarified that she opposes legalizing both prostitution and marijuana, but she would prefer prostitution to be legalized over "losing an entire generation of children with pot."

Ignoring her whole argument that legalizing prostitution is better than marijuana for a second, how exactly would New Jersey tax prostitution? Would prostitutes be required to get licenses from the state, and people who want to hire them also need special prostitution cards? Not really sure how you'd make more money off prostitution than marijuana.

Ironically, many of the arguments people make about legalizing prostitution also apply to marijuana. It's a victimless crime, and many of the people who get arrested for it come from poorer communities. Even Guadagno admitted that prostitution is victimless, while implying that marijuana is not.

"At least [prostitution] is a victimless crime and it will help women in terms of medical care and regulation," she said. 

Basically Guadagno's ideas about marijuana are stuck in the 1960's thinking of, "Marijuana is bad and will create drug addicts," when all available data from legalized states shows that's not the case.

Having said that, if New Jersey wants to legalize prostitution and marijuana, that'd probably be just fine.

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