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New Jersey Could Legalize Marijuana with the Lowest Taxes in the Country

For the past year, many have speculated that New Jersey would soon legalize recreational marijuana. And now a new proposal to do so will make many marijuana fans happy.

A leaked version of an upcoming bill to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey would perhaps be the most liberal one to date. While the bill continues the standard 21-year-old age limit to buy and use cannabis, it would legalize home delivery of marijuana and also businesses to apply for permits that would allow customers to consume marijuana on their premises. Those are both proposals that many states with legalized marijuana don't offer, much less include it in their initial bill to legalize recreational cannabis.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the leaked bill is that it would introduce only a 10 percent tax on cannabis. That tax rate would tie Nevada for the lowest cannabis tax in the country among states with legalized marijuana.

The bill also does not put a limit on the number of cannabis licenses the state can give out, although it does require that 25 percent of licenses go to businesses that are owned by women, minorities or veterans.

Of course, this bill hasn't even been officially introduced to the New Jersey legislature, so it's possible there will be major revisions and changes to it before it actually becomes the law.

But it definitely seems like New Jersey is about to become a hotspot for marijuana.

(h/t Philly Voice)


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