New Hampshire Police Leave Snarky Sign After Marijuana Bust

Where 25 cannabis plants once stood, there is now a sign that reads, "sorry about your luck."

Police in Marlborough, New Hampshire confiscated a crop of marijuana plants that had been growing on an undeveloped piece of private property Friday. The plants - which had been discovered by a man scouting deer - were replaced by the local police with a snarky sign and sarcastic tweet.

Cannabis possession was decriminalized in New Hampshire last year, but as Marlborough Police Sgt. Zachary Byam says, growing and selling marijuana continues to be a felony. Byam says the plants have been confiscated, though a full investigation into who owned the plants will not be conducted.

"The best solution was to remove the plants and spread the word," Byam told The Boston Globe. "It was one of those things where we had to draw the line somewhere, and I think that this was the best decision to be made."

The sign left behind by police says the owner can claim their plants at the Marlborough Police Department, but that probably wouldn't be a wise move.


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