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New Hampshire Could Legalize Marijuana This Week

Just yesterday, California legalized recreational marijuana, a major milestone for the cannabis movement. And it looks like things could continue in the positive direction, albeit in a much smaller state. 

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is set to discuss a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana when the legislature reconvenes on Wednesday. The bill was originally rejected by the House's Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in November. But supporters of the bill plan to amend the proposal on the House floor to make it more acceptable to the legislature as a whole.

New Hampshire is very likely going to legalize marijuana in the near future, although this bill may not be the one that does it. The state has created a commission to study the possible effects of legalizing cannabis, and many politicians say they want to wait until that report comes in before making a decision on legalization.

However, some marijuana experts are optimistic about the bill's chances, noting that the New Hampshire House has been fairly progressive when it comes to cannabis issues. However, the bigger issue is the New Hampshire Senate, which has done the opposite. Marijuana decriminalization bills that have passed the New Hampshire House have led to nothing after being shot down in the Senate. 

So even on the off-chance the New Hampshire House does pass this bill, it's far from assured that it will pass the Senate and become state law. 

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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