Why Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Coming Online Faster Than Ever

Good news for entrepreneurs hoping to break into freshly-legal markets, and also good news for patients who want easier and quicker access to medical marijuana dispensaries: In the past year, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Nevada have all opened their first licensed dispensaries. And according to a new chart by the Marijuana Business Daily, it's taking less time than ever to make that happen.

The shortest window between the legalization and the opening of the state's first dispensary was in Minnesota, where the process took just 13 months – one of the shortest windows in the industry's history, according to MBD columnist Becky Olson.

Although in Nevada dispensaries opened 22 months after the state approved a regulatory structure for marijuana businesses - more in line with historical averages - there are still indications, writes Olson, "that states are increasingly able to efficiently develop regulatory frameworks and license cannabis businesses in the wake of legalization."

Check out the chart below - or read Olson's full analysis here.


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