New Cannabis Study Debunks 'The False Assumption That More THC Is Always Better'

A new cannabis study has debunked the assumption that the quality of cannabis depends on its quantity of THC.

"A lot of consumers seem to be under the false assumption that more THC is always better," said lead author Carrie Cuttler. "Our study shows that CBD is also a very important ingredient in cannabis and may augment some of the positive effects of THC."

Those effects include combating anxiety, depression and stress, which are an underdeveloped field of cannabis research.

"Existing research on the effects of cannabis on depression, anxiety and stress are very rare and have almost exclusively been done with orally administered THC pills in a laboratory," Cuttler added. "What is unique about our study is that we looked at actual inhaled cannabis by medical marijuana patients who were using it in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to a laboratory."

Their findings show that different kinds of cannabis are better at fighting these conditions than others. High CBD, low THC cannabis was best for reduction of depression symptoms and acts very quickly, with only a single puff required to improve symptoms. Meanwhile, strains with both high CBD and THC benefited patients with stress, who required at least 10 puffs to unwind. As for anxiety, researchers found that two puffs of just about any kind of weed you can get your hands on will help.

But we don't recommend smoking the 'Weed of Christmas Future.'


No matter how you partake, the timeline of a nice cannabis session is often the same. Things change a lot as the minutes tick by, and there's definitely a turning point, when things get a little more serious. So next time you have a smoke or an edible, see if your timeline matches up with this one.

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