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New Book Offers Suggestions for Women Looking to Start Using Cannabis

A new book is attempting to help women who are interested in cannabis some tips and answers to any question they could possibly have on the subject.

A Woman's Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better – and Get High Like a Lady is a new book by Nikki Furrer meant to help women understand marijuana and how it can help them. Furrer says it's not a book for stoners, but rather, “It’s for stoners to give to their moms.”

In the book Furrer discusses the many medical benefits of marijuana and various conditions it can help treat, as well as delving into some of the possible side effects for women who've never picked up a joint. Furrer also points out some female-only issues that marijuana can help with, such as menstruation and menopause. She also includes recipes for various edibles and even one for a cannabis lip balm.

Furrer previously owned a bookstore before moving to Colorado in 2013 to work in the marijuana industry. She now lives in St. Louis and says she plans on starting a medical marijuana dispensary now that Missouri recently legalized medical marijuana

Although if her book is a success, she could maybe think about some sequels. Maybe a "Men's Guide to Cannabis," which could then be followed by a "Pet's Guide to Cannabis." Or even a "Grandma's Guide to Cannabis."

(h/t St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


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