5 Things Newbies Should Know About Buying Their First (Legal) Recreational Marijuana

Canada is currently preparing for marijuana legalization while many states in the United States are just opening their doors to recreational cannabis. California welcomed recreational marijuana dispensaries in the new year, so now most of these shops have lines out the door. Most of the patients waiting in line are new to the industry, so there are a number of things these newbies should know about buying their first (legal) recreational marijuana before going to a dispensary.

First, newbies should still expect to be carded because even though you don’t need a medical marijuana card, you still need to show some form of identification. Like alcohol, there is a legal age requirement to buy legal recreational marijuana in the U.S., so dispensaries ask for an ID. Before showing your identification, newbies should also expect to wait in line. In many states, regulations require dispensaries to serve one patient at a time so depending on the dispensary, expect to wait in line or the waiting room before purchasing your products. Once you get inside the dispensary, newbies should expect a selection even bigger than they expect. Now that recreational marijuana is legal, new products are being introduced into the market, so dispensaries now have a wider selection of flower, oils, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures. Lastly, ask questions. Budtenders are available to be your guides and answer all questions, even the most simple questions about cannabis, so ask away.


When you think of high end real estate in some of California's most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods, you probably picture sprawling homes that come with infinity pools, tennis courts, and 12-car garages. But what about a cannabis lounge? That might sound like something that only a diehard pothead would want, but some lux-home developers are banking on cannabis lounges becoming a big draw for customers.

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