A new bipartisan bill would allow federal employees in legal states to consume cannabis without worrying about getting fired for failing a drug test.

Last Thursday, The Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Under State Laws Act was introduced by Congressmen Charlie Crist (D-FL) and Drew Ferguson (R-GA). If passed, the new bill would prevent federal employees from being punished for failing a cannabis test, and it would prevent employers from denying employment to job candidates who use cannabis privately, reports Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment.

However, employees can still face repercussions if there is “probable cause to believe that the individual is under the influence of marijuana” at the workplace. So smoking up on the job would still be banned, but having a puff after work would no longer be grounds for disciplinary action for federal employees living in states that have repealed cannabis prohibition.

One other caveat: the bill doesn't cover employees or job applicants for positions that involve “top secret clearance or access to a highly sensitive program.” So you could say the new rules would impose a "green ceiling" on aspiring federal employees because it limits certain areas of their career development. 

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