Nevada May Be The First State To Open Cannabis Clubs, Lounges: Report

Nevada could be the first state to host cannabis clubs and lounges, a state legal body revealed this week.

The state Legislative Counsel Bureau has announced that state law does not forbid city or county governments from running lounges or other facilities in which patrons may consume cannabis.

Local governments are permitted to make their own rules governing these types of businesses and decide whether they must obtain special permits, said the bureau.

This means visitors to the Silver State may soon have a public place to consume cannabis, which is currently prohibited under state law in Nevada’s hotels and casinos.

None of the four states where recreational cannabis is legal – Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon – permit cannabis lounges.

“Allowing regulated social use areas is a good solution that recognizes cannabis consumers' rights to congregate just like alcohol drinkers can in bars while also protecting nonconsumers' rights not to inhale secondhand smoke,” said Tom Angell, the founder of pro-legalization group Marijuana Majority.

“It should be a no brainer, especially in tourist towns like Las Vegas where visitors don't have private residences they can go back to imbibe.”

Cities must still adopt their own ordinances governing cannabis lounges since the state legislature nixed a measure to legalize them earlier this year.

Nevada became the fifth state to allow recreational cannabis use in July, roughly eight months after state voters approved a ballot measure.

h/t The Hill


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