Netflix Says We All Have Six Shows in Common With Everyone Else

You may have heard of the "Six Degrees of Separation." It's basically the idea that every person knows every other person on the planet through six people. So if Barack Obama knows your uncle's barber, your uncle's barber knows your uncle, and you know your uncle, you're only four degrees of separation away from Barack Obama. And apparently now Netflix says there's a "Six Degrees of Netflix."

In a new video on YouTube, Netflix claims that any two users of their streaming service will share six titles that they've both watched. So if you meet a random Netflix user anywhere in the world, you both will have seen at least six TV shows, movies, comedy specials or anything else on the streaming website. This could be one of Netflix's hugely popular original content, such as Stranger Things or the entirely mediocre Bird BoxOr re-runs of The Office. Doesn't matter, you'll have six programs in common with any other Netflix user.

Now, we're guessing that Netflix is basing this claim off of their private streaming data. However, I would actually challenge this to be true for one simple fact: Account sharing. It's possible that any two Netflix accounts will share six titles in common, but I'm not sure about individual users. For instance, two people may share the same account where one person watches exclusively comedy TV shows, while the other person only watches cooking shows. Different people with different tastes using the same account.

Or maybe I'm wrong because let's face it: everyone watched Making a Murderer so that's already one out of six shows we know everyone has seen.

(h/t Netflix)


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