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Why Nelly Can't Perform 'Ride Wit Me' Or 'Hot In Herre' At His Concert In Saudi Arabia

Rapper Nelly won't be able to perform 'Ride wit Me,' 'Hot in Herre' and many other hits when he plays Jiddah, Saudi Arabia next month. The Middle Eastern country has strict rules when it comes to anything related to marijuana and alcohol. Both substances are banned in Saudi Arabia, where drug smugglers can face the death penalty.

The country is so strict that country singer Toby Keith was told he couldn't sing any songs about alcohol, marijuana or sex when he played the country last May. “There were only four or five things that I could play that were famous,” Keith later told The Atlantic. So audiences never learned why he'll 'Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.'

And Nelly won't be able to sing about smoking 'L-joints' in 'Ride with Me' or promote public nudity in 'Hot in Herre' for the crowd, which will be males-only because women aren't allowed to attend the sold-out show. And he could be in big trouble if he gets busted with marijuana again.

Back in 2015, Nelly plead guilty to possessing marijuana and paraphernalia after he was busted on tour in Tennessee. The charge was later wiped from his record after Nelly spent 11 months on probation. But he won't be so lucky if he gets caught with weed in Saudi Arabia, where cannabis offenders face jail  time and even flogging for getting caught with pot.

h/t Washington Post


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