Neil deGrasse Tyson Says It's Not a Good Idea to Smoke Weed in Space

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the go-to expert that people ask all their important, and also not important, scientific questions. And now he's even talking about marijuana smoking in space.

TMZ recently ran into Tyson on the street and asked him about the recent incident where Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smoked marijuana during an appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast. Tyson defended the CEO, and also praised his intellect.

“Can they leave him alone? Let the man get high if he wants to get high,” Tyson said. “He's the best thing we've had since Thomas Edison."

TMZ then took it a step further by asking Tyson about whether or not it's a good idea to smoke marijuana in space. Unfortunately, Tyson was not a fan of the idea.

“Well, the problem is, in space now, many things will kill you,” Tyson said. “So if you do anything to alter your understanding of what is reality, that’s not in the interest of your health. So if you want to get high in space, like lock yourself in your cabin and don’t come out because you could break stuff inadvertently."

So he's not saying you can't smoke marijuana in space, just that you really, really should not.

Here's the full video of Tyson talking to TMZ:

We always talk about how the first person who will walk on Mars may be living on the Earth right now, but what about the first person to light a joint in space? Now that would be a major accomplishment.

(h/t TMZ)


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