Neil deGrasse Tyson Agrees: There's 'No Reason' For Marijuana To Be Illegal

The world’s most famous astrophysicist is pro-marijuana legalization.

In a Facebook Live event with cohost Chuck Nice, Neil deGrasse Tyson fielded a question from journalist and Marijuana Majority founder Tom Angell: “Do you agree with Carl Sagan and most US voters that marijuana should be legalized?”

Tyson responded:

“If you really analyze it, relative to other things that are legal, there’s no reason for it to ever have been made illegal in the system of laws.”

He went on: “Alcohol is legal and it can mess you up way more than smoking a few J's,”

So there you have it - the man behind the recent, stoner-friendly iteration of ‘Cosmos’ sees no reason not to legalize.

It’s worth noting, too, that Tyson’s connection to Carl Sagan is more than one of professional admiration. The scientist - and author of a pro-marijuana essay under the pseudonym ‘Mr X’ - invited a starstruck young Tyson to Cornell University to give him a personal tour. Check out Tyson telling the story on Beats 1:


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