Nearly Half Of Americans And Canadians Have A Cannabis Consumer In Their Social Circle

They lurk in the shadows, munching on edibles behind your back and pretending to be sober around you. They are cannabis consumers, and they are hiding in plain sight in your friend group.

I’m kidding, sort of. But it turns out that almost half of North Americans have a cannabis consumer in their social circles.  

The 2018 Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, administered by PSB, asked people whether any of their besties used cannabis. It found that 46 per cent of Americans and 51 per cent of Canadians have at least one close friend who uses marijuana.

That number increases significantly when you narrow it down to cannabis consumers. Apparently if you smoke pot, your friends probably do too. 82 per cent of American and 88 per cent of Canadian cannabis consumers are tight with at least one other person who uses it.

So be careful, we’re coming for you, Jeff Sessions. We’re coming.  

Banner Image: Hero Images/Getty Images


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