Nearly 20 Percent Of California Cannabis Products Failed Inspection

The newly implemented testing regulations in California are seeing a large amount of product pulled from store shelves.

Of 5,268 batches of marijuana that have been tested under California's new screening regulations, 1 in 5 have failed. Some retailers in California are now feeling the squeeze as the struggle to put enough stock on their shelves.

Toula Poulopoulos—manger of Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywoodsays that while she appreciates that the new testing laws are a good step forward, they have created some supply chain issues.

"The testing has put everyone on hold," Poulopoulos told NBC4. "But that’s a good thing."

"Usually we have 25 different Venice Cookie Company edibles. Right now they were only able to give me two, because everything else was in testing."

And as Poulopoulos explains the failures in testing extend beyond the contamination of products. The use of unsanctioned pesticides and improper packaging are also major concerns.

"This product has the testing, but it doesn't have batch numbers on it," she said of a concentrated cannabis spray that failed to pass inspection.

The failed products will take a big bite out of the bottom line for individual cannabis businesses as well as the market as a whole. Hopefully both will rebound after the new industry gets through these growing pains.

h/t NBC San Diego

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