Nearly $1 Million Worth of Drugs Washed Up on This Beach Last Weekend

Visitors to Alabama's Orange Beach made a surprising discovery over the Memorial Day weekend, when they found a couple of large packages that had washed up on shore. The packages contained 86 pounds of cocaine and 21 pounds of marijuana, which local police have estimated have a street value near $1 million.

Both federal law enforcement and the local police have begun investigating the source of the drugs, but they have little to go on. The packages appeared to have been in the water for quite a while and had been carried to the beach by the Gulf of Mexico currents.

Orange Beach is a popular tourist destination and frequented by families and children.

"I mean, it's such a family-friendly beach, you wouldn't hear of that or think that would happen out here," said Orange Beach local Nick Rodriguez.

However, the Alabama beach probably wasn't the intended destination for these packages. It's more likely that the drugs were abandoned by smugglers who were trying to evade authorities. These kinds of cases are actually relatively common, and police respond to a couple of them each year.

Still, folks who frequent the area say it still raises some concerns for them

"There's a lot of kids out on the beach right now, brother. You don't want them getting into any of that mess. One of them opens up and you got kids in the water," said Billy Tharpe.

There have been no reports that the area has been contaminated by the cocaine however, and people should be safe to continue enjoying the popular beach.

h/t High Times


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