Natalie Portman Puffs A Blunt And Raps Again On 'SNL'

Twelve years ago, Natalie Portman spoofed her spotless public image in a 'Saturday Night Live' Digital Short by rapping about smoking weed every day at Harvard and cheating on all her tests. Since then, she's become a mother, an Academy Award winning actor and a spokesperson for the #TimesUp movement, but none of that has spoiled her sense of humor about herself.

On last night's episode of 'SNL,' Portman rapped for a second time with explicit lyrics that make the previous rap sound like a singing Hallmark card.

Tide Pods, the only fucking thing I snack on.
Black out and go motherfucking Black Swan.
My brain gone on that fucking Ayahuasca, boy.
Tell your tourist parents I'm gonna turn you to a foster boy.

In the video, she's seen puffing a blunt in a hospital delivery room and assaulting anyone who talks smack about her notorious collaborations with George Lucas on the 'Star Wars' prequels.

"Say somethin' 'bout the motherfuckin' prequels, bitch," she raps while dressed as Queen Amadala and pointing a gun at a terrified fan. "Say something nice about motherfuckin' Jar-Jar Binks. Now kiss 'em on his 17 dicks while I sit there on your face and take a shit."

Check out the full, clip along with the original rap below. (Fans in Canada can check it out by clicking here.)


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