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Video: NASA Releases Hi-Def 'Video Globe' of Jupiter

The universe just got a whole lot smaller thanks to the latest work conducted by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. You can now check out the weather on Jupiter from your home.

As part of the OPAL (the Outer Planets Atmospheres Legacy) program, NASA has produced an eye-popping animated map of the biggest planet in our solar system:

While visually stunning, the animation also offers invaluable information about the planet's atmosphere, including insights into its winds, clouds and storms.

The most famous storm, of course, is the one that gives the planet its signature red dot.

The storm, which is twice the size of the earth's diameter, has been raging for as long as we've known about the planet (about 300 years). But all that will change as the epic tempest is slowly dissipating. Take it in while you have a chance.

Meanwhile, any alien life on the planet is probably looking forward to a change in the weather forecast.

If you want to learn more about Jupiter's atmosphere, check out NASA's media studio. If you want to see the rest of the solar system, you won't have to wait long: OPAL plans to release similar shots of Neptune, Uranus and Saturn in the future, but they haven't set a date yet. Stay tuned!

h/t Scientific American


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