Sorry, a NASA Astronaut Did Not Test Marijuana's Effects in Space

If you logged into Facebook over the weekend, you may have seen a post claiming that a NASA astronaut tested marijuana in space recently. But it turns out it's just a bunch of baloney. 

A Facebook account called Pictures in History, which as over 4,000,000 likes, posted a picture of an astronaut holding a bag full of marijuana in space. It claimed that the astronaut, Chris Hadfield, performed experiments on cannabis in space. 

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The post received 27,000 likes, 1,800 comments and 19,000 shares. But it's complete hogwash.

The photo of Hadfield is actually photoshopped. The original photo was from a tweet Hadfield sent where he's holding a plastic bag filled with Easter Eggs.

So unfortunately this story is not true.

But, that doesn't mean the idea of growing marijuana in space is completely ridiculous. In fact, two companies are actually planning to send hemp and cannabis seeds to the International Space Station so scientists there can see how zero gravity atmospheres affect their growth.

So if you see a photo like this in a couple of years, it may actually be legit.

(h/t Snopes)


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