Rising Stars Of The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is undeniably hot at the moment: medical and recreational marijuana made $2.7-billion in nationwide revenue in 2014 - up from $1.5 billion from medical cannabis alone in 2013.

In addition to having a transformative effect on public perceptions/policy, the nascent cannabis industry is also a great thing for gender equality. Much ink has been written on how marijuana could be the first billion-dollar industry led by women.

Here are some names you can expect to keep seeing in the headlines.

Amanda Reiman

Reiman studies medical marijuana and reform-related issues as the manager of Marijuana Law and Policy at the Drug Policy Alliance, She's presented at the American Public Health Association, American Psychiatric Association, and the Harm Reduction Coalition, and was the first chairwoman of the Medical Cannabis Commission in Berkeley. Reiman lives in West Oakland with most awesomely-named cats ever: Mama Cass, Ringo and Grace Slick.


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Jodie Emery

The Canadian cannabis activist and politician co-owns Cannabis Culture, Pot TV, and Cannabis Culture Headquarters. Emery testified in favor of legalization at the Washington state legislature in 2011, and aided legalization initiatives in California in November 2010 and Washington State in 2012. She's the wife of activist Marc Emery, with whom she lives in Vancouver, B.C.


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Diane Fornbacher

The Ladybud Executive Editor received the NORML Pauline Sabin Award in 2012 for her 20 years of activism in national drug policy reform: she was also a founding Member of the NORML Women's Alliance Foundation, and is a current member of the Board at the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey. She also volunteers with homeless women and struggling children.

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Julie Berliner

It was back in 2009 that the aptly-named Berliner founded Sweet Grass Kitchen, a Denver-based marijuana bakery specializing in cannabutter confections. Now, Sweet Grass distributes to more than 200 dispensaries and stores across Colorado. Berliner is regularly asked to speak on cannabis and entrepreneurship at events including the 2015 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.


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This Massachusetts Democrat - and 2020 presidential candidate - has a strong history of supporting veterans' access to medical marijuana. Over the years, Congressman Seth Moulton has acted as the primary sponsor on three cannabis-related bills—all of them focusing on improving veteran access to medical marijuana. As an Iraq War vet himself, Moulton has taken a strong stance in supporting the health and well-being of other veterans who continue to be barred from accessing medical marijuana - even in states where it's legal - because federal prohibition prevents Veterans Affairs from letting vets use medical cannabis.

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