This Musician Forgot The Words To A Stevie Wonder Song - So Stevie Helped Him Finish It

It's every musician's dream to sing with their idols, but they might appreciate a little heads up before it happens. Aspiring singer/guitarist Grayson Erhard didn't get any warning before Stevie Wonder crashed his set and sang Superstition with him.

Erhard was performing at the hotel lobby in the Anaheim Marriott last weekend as part of the National Association of Music Merchants' 2017 convention, according to Rolling Stone. He was performing "Superstition" when Wonder walked into the lobby. Well, he was struggling through a rendition of the song since he didn't know the lyrics to the second verse of the 1972 hit.

So he apologized to Wonder, who got up on stage and told Erhard the lyrics so that they could complete the song together.

He also gave a shoutout to everyone participating in the Women's March. If the winter has made your heart feel a little frosty, this video will definitely warm it up. Like hot cocoa for the soul.


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