The Music Genre With The Most Cannabis References Will Probably Surprise You

If you were to guess which genre of music contained the most drug references, which would it be?

Chances are you wouldn’t guess the genre famous (or infamous, depending on who ask) for its perpetual plugs about trucks, dogs, beer, or some combination of the three.

But according to a recent study by, country music in fact mentions drugs in general more than any other musical genre, with cannabis raking up the most mentions.

The study states that out of eight categories, country comes out on top with an average of 1.6 drug mentions per song, followed soon after by jazz and pop music.

Defying stereotypes, hip-hop actually comes in last at less than 1.3 mentions per song on average. It should be noted that didn’t classify alcohol as a drug.

To reach these findings, researchers “scraped song lyrics from Song Meanings API and analyzed drug mentions, what drugs were involved, and how it changed over time, and grouped drug slang words together in their respected drug categories.”

After poring over songs from country, rock, jazz, rap/hip-hop, pop, folk and electronic genres from 1933 until now, drug references were categorized into seven groups: pills, heroin, marijuana, LSD, cocaine (including crack), ecstasy (including MDMA and molly) and meth.

When the results were broken down into the individual musicians that reference cannabis the most, however, country artists didn’t even break the Top 10. That’s where hip-hop artists shone – such as Cypress Hill, The Game, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Redman. At the top of the list is Kottonmouth Kings with 344 cannabis mentions.

h/t High Times


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