Munchies Anyone? An LA Restaurant Is Now Selling Deep-Fried Cannabis Leaves

Shibumi is a restaurant in LA that has generated some buzz over one of their unique menu items. The restaurant is now selling tempura marijuana leaves.

Sure, cannabis edibles are nothing new. But most of the time you're eating something with weed in it, not the plant itself. That's where Shibumi does things a little differently. They're serving up whole cannabis leaves fried in a tempura-style batter and sprinkled with a CBD salt, which Joe Avella of Stoney Baloney says is excellent.

"The tempura is incredible," Avella told LA Insider. "It brings out the flavor of the marijuana, but it doesn't taste how weed smells."

"It's got this really, subtle, delicious, leafy-green taste."

And unlike more conventional cannabis edibles, these tempura leaves won't get you high either. That's because the leaves don't contain any THC, says Shibumi chef and owner, David Schlosser.

"[They're] definitely not gonna get you high. We don't have any THC at all at Shibumi," explains Schlosser.

He says that by using young cannabis leaves they can ensure that there is no THC present in the food, only CBD, a separate, non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

"Generally, once it passes 5 weeks there's THC that could cling onto the leaf. So we get all our leaves prior to 5 weeks, ensuring it's just CBD leaf."

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