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5 Reasons You Must Move To Canada Before Trump Gets Elected

Donald Trump just won big on Super Tuesday. If you're freaked out, you're not alone. Turns out people everywhere are. So freaked out that Google searches for "How To Move To Canada" have spiked.

Here are five reasons why packing up and getting out of Dodge may actually be a great idea.

1. Canada is almost Trump-free (and no one really likes him)

Yes, there is a Trump Tower in Toronto. Vancouver's is being built, but the mayor is not happy about it. You will still see him on the news and on re-runs of reality TV if you're unlucky.

Even the prime minister doesn't like him. When asked about Trump during a town hall in December, Justin Trudeau made his views pretty clear:

"I don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I stand firmly against the politics of division, the politics of fear, the politics of intolerance or hateful rhetoric," Trudeau said. "If we allow politicians to succeed by scaring people, we don't actually end up any safer. Fear doesn't make us safer. It makes us weaker."

2. Canada wants to legalize cannabis

This is a no brainer. The federal government in the United States still considers cannabis a Schedule 1 drug. In Canada, the current Liberal government was elected with the promise to legalize recreational cannabis and they've actually started the ball rolling.

3. Canada's dollar (AKA the loonie)

You know that dollar in your pocket? North of the border it's worth $1.35. So in Canada a $5 latte is actually only $3.71 today. And while beer is more expensive, it has a higher alcohol content, so you just need fewer beers per buzz.

4. Canada actually welcomes people who aren't Canadian

Did you hear how Cape Breton in Nova Scotia is running an actual campaign to get Americans to move there? What started as a joke has turned real. And while Syria's civil war continues, and millions of Syrians flee the country, Canada vowed to take 25,000 of them in. As they arrive, groups of enthusiastic Canadians form welcome teams and take them for coffee and skating outings and are learning Arabic. That's soooo Canadian. Trump refugees may not get quite the same treatment, but Canadians will still welcome Americans with open arms. After all, they seem just as scared of Trump as you.

5. Canadians are just really, really nice - annoyingly so

Some stereotypes are built on truth. Have you ever been to Canada? Nicest people EVER. It's a land where hockey and politeness reign. Want more vacation? Year-long maternity leaves? Someone to bring you cookies and a casserole when you get sick? Co-workers who buy you coffee at Tim Hortons? Canada has got them.


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