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Moth With Blonde Hair, Small Genitals Named After Donald Trump

Ahead of today’s inauguration, scientists have bestowed what is perhaps an even greater honor on President Donald Trump: borrowing his name for a new species of moth known for its weird hair and small genitals.

Neopalpa donaldtrumpi was described this week in the online journal ZooKeys after being discovered by evolutionary biologist Dr. Vazrick Nazari.

Sporting a measly wingspan of just seven to 12 millimetres and “genitalia comparatively smaller” than its closest relative (N. neonata), these tiny critters can be found around the future location of Trump’s oft-promised wall – in Arizona, California and Mexico’s Baja California.

Moth With Blonde Hair. Small Genitals Named After Donald Trump

Nazari said he chose to name the moth after the soon-to-be U.S. President chiefly because of its strange "hairdo," which bears an uncanny resemblance to Trump’s golden comb-over. He adds, however, that he hopes the name will raise awareness for conservation efforts for North America’s at-risk micro-fauna.

"The discovery of this distinct micro-moth in the densely populated and otherwise zoologically well-studied southern California underscores the importance of conservation of the fragile habitats that still contain undescribed and threatened species, and highlights the paucity of interest in species-level taxonomy of smaller faunal elements in North America," Nazari said in a statement.

Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to have an arguably unsightly species named after him. George W. Bush shares his namesake with a slime beetle, while Ronald Reagan has a wasp.

This may, however, be the first time the size of a new species' genitals were taken into consideration during the presidential christening process. 

h/t IFLScience.


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