Most Veterinarians Think Marijuana Can Help Dogs, Even If They Aren't Ready To Recommend It

While most aren't prepared to prescribe it, many veterinarians do think that medical marijuana should be legalized for animals.

A recent survey published in the Frontiers in Veterinary Studies journal found that most vets in the US feel they are quite knowledgeable about the therapeutic application of medical marijuana for dogs. According to the study, the majority of vets believe the substance should be legalized under federal law—though most, even in legal states, aren't prepared to recommend it to pet owners.

Of the 2,100 veterinarians involved in the survey, 70 percent of respondents said marijuana should be rescheduled, and 82 percent said non-psychoactive marijuana compound CBD should be 66 percent said they never recommend the substance. However, 66 percent said they would never recommend CBD for dogs. Only 12 percents said they sometimes would recommend CBD, and five percent said they frequently do. The most common conditions vets recommended CBD for were seizure, anxiety and pain management.

"Certainly, current laws and political forces make it challenging for veterinarians to gain the information they need to feel confident discussing CBD with their clients and offering sound advice, yet it is imperative for the veterinary field to rise to this challenge," the study authors wrote.

65 percent of respondents said their reservations in recommending cannabis comes from the lack of research surrounding cannabis and 53 percent noted the legal status marijuana. Most also noted that their state veterinary boards don't provide enough guidance on the use of medical marijuana to treat animals.

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