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Here Are the Most Valuable College Majors

When some people go off to college, they choose their major based on what they love to do. Other choose a major they think will make them a lot of money. If you're someone in the latter situation, we have some information for you.

Bankrate conducted a survey using 2016 census data to determine the most valuable, and also the least valuable, majors people study in college. First, here's their list of the most valuable majors:

1. Actuarial science

2. Zoology

3. Nuclear engineering

4. Health and medical preparatory programs

5. Applied mathematics

6. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and administration

7. Molecular biology

8. Mechanical engineering

9. Civil engineering (tie)

9. Finance (tie)

On average, those jobs pay between $96,000 and $130,000 per year. Someone studying actuarial science would go on to become a risk assessor in the finance or insurance industry. Also it's pretty surprising to see zoology so high on the list. I always thought that would be one of those jobs people do because they love it, not because it pays super well.

If none of these majors sound right for you, they also studied to see what majors pay the least amount of money. Here were the results for that:

1. Miscellaneous fine arts

2. Composition and speech

3. Clinical psychology

4. Cosmetology services and culinary arts

5. Visual and performing arts

6. Human services and community organization

7. Educational psychology

8. Drama and theater arts

9. Interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies (general)

10. Library science

Basically, anything involving "arts" means you're not going to make a lot of money.

So there you go. Either you can sell your soul for a fancy corporate job or you can live life to the fullest and make no money.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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