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8 Most Unexpected Medical Benefits of CBD

There are plenty of medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) that are well-documented. This includes things like pain relief, anti-anxiety and helping prevent seizures. But there are plenty of medical benefits of CBD that are not talked about much at all.

Here are the eight most surprising benefits of CBD:

1. Acne

You probably think that slathering random creams on your face are the only way to treat acne. But CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce breakouts, and it’s also known to inhibit overproduction of oils, one of the causes of acne.

2. Diabetes

You’re probably thinking, “How the heck does CBD affect production of insulin?” But it’s true. One study of over 4,000 adults found that marijuana use lowered fasting insulin levels, which means they’re less likely to develop diabetes. And another study has shown that CBD can prevent the destruction of cells that produce insulin.

3. Broken Bones

When you break a bone, you may want to use a little medical marijuana to help deal with your pain. But turns out, that’s not the only benefit you’ll get from the cannabis. Studies have shown that rats with broken limbs heal faster when given CBD. Studies on the subject haven’t been done on humans yet, but there’s no hurt in trying if you’re in that situation.

4. Mad Cow Disease

In the early 2000’s, Mad Cow Disease was a big deal due to some tainted meat on the market. It’s less a worry today, but it can still happen. Luckily CBD has been shown to inhibit prions, which are the proteins that cause neurodegenerative diseases like Mad Cow Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and others.

5. STDs

Yep, you read that right. CBD has been linked to treating various STDs, including herpes and chlamydia, effectively. That’s probably good news since people who use marijuana have more sex than average people.

6. Speech

There isn’t a ton of research into the subject, but there are studies that indicate that CBD can help with speech problems such as stuttering. CBD’s been shown to help reduce muscle spasms and twitches, and it’s believed those same properties help with stuttering as well.

7. Nightmares

Yes, believe it or not CBD can help with nightmares. CBD somehow affects the REM cycle of sleep, and it often prevents the mind from going into overdrive and causing nightmares. For some people, it even eliminates dreaming entirely.

8. Erectile Dysfunction

While you may think Viagra and related medications are the only way to treat ED, it turns out CBD can help as well. There doesn’t really seem to be a physical reason why CBD would help, so it appears it’s more about CBD helping relax your mind and taking away the mental roadblocks causing your…um…issues.


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