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Here Are the 10 Most Sinful Cities in America

Las Vegas is known as Sin City, due to the many casinos and strip clubs that operate in there. But is it really the most sinful place in America?

WalletHub decided to conduct a study to figure out what are the truly most sinful cities in America. They used metrics such as gambling and adult entertainment businesses, but also included things such as alcohol consumption, smoking rates as well as things such as violent crime statistics. 

Here were the top 10 most sinful cities according to their data:

1. Las Vegas

2. Los Angeles

3. New York City

4. Houston

5. St. Louis

6. Atlanta

7. Miami

8. Philadelphia

9. Chicago

10. Orlando

Unsurprisingly, the city known as "Sin City" did in fact come out on top of this study. You also have Los Angeles and New York coming in at two and three, the two cities known for Greed, Lust, Power and many other things.

The biggest surprise on the list has to be Orlando. That's where Disney World is! How can the city with Disney World be one of the most sinful places in America? 

Also what's going on in St. Louis that has it so high on the list? Is the St. Louis Arch secretly a pornographic image? Actually, according to WalletHub, it has the most violent crimes per capita.

If you're wondering where in the United States is the best place to avoid all these modern Sodom and Gomorrahs, WalletHub says the least sinful city in America is South Burlington, Vermont.

(h/t WalletHub)


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