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Here Is the Most Profitable Industry in Each State

When you think about jobs in certain states, some things quickly come to mind like oil in Texas or cars in Michigan. But what the heck does a place like Arkansas produce?

Well luckily now we know. The people at put together a map of the most profitable industries in all 50 states. Some are pretty obvious, such as the automotive industry in Michigan and fishing in Alaska (what the heck else are they supposed to do there?), but some are surprising. Take a look:

most profitable industries map

We're guessing mineral products is code for "oil" because it's hard to imagine there's a mineral more valuable being produce in Texas, but I could be wrong. Also even though we associate Michigan with American cars, there's quite a few other states that also rely on that industry.

Also you have to love that Las Vegas is listed as "accommodation and food services," when we really know it's just casinos. And who knew Hawaii made so many space rockets?

But luckily we still have our beloved heartland states like Iowa making sure our plates are filled with nice, juicy meat every night.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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