Here's the Most Popular Valentine's Day Candy in Every State

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, a holiday to celebrate all the people you love and cherish in this world. And regardless if you're single or taken, we all know there's one thing every enjoys on February 14th: Candy! But what's the most popular candy on Valentine's Day? Well, it depends where you live.

The website Candy Store dropped some information about the most popular Valentine's Day candy in every state. There are some traditional Valentine's Day treats on the list, such as heart-shaped box of chocolates and conversation hearts (a.k.a. those little hearts that say "I Love You" and other messages). There were a few states with Hershey kisses, although surprisingly not in Pennsylvania, home of the Hershey company. Take a look at the full map:

favorite valentines day candy every state

In fact, there really isn't anything that surprising on this list.

EXCEPT ALASKA! Alaska's favorite Valentine's candy is candy necklaces. Really? Do people actually like those? It's literally a device that makes it more difficult to enjoy your candy. You bite into the candy and you get a mouthful of string. You're constantly tilting your head trying to find the right angle to enjoy your treat. It's not fun at all.

So we applaud every state on this list for picking a logical favorite candy except for Alaska. You should be ashamed!

(h/t Candy Store)


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