Here Is the Most Popular Valentine's Day Candy in Every State

Valentine's Day is less than three weeks away, which means you still have time to find your own Valentine before the day arrives. And whether you do or do not find one, you can still always enjoy some candy on February 14th. put together a list of the most popular Valentine's Day candy in every state. Here were the results:

And if you'd rather not explore to figure out what the most popular option was in each state, here is the full list: 

Alabama: Candy Necklaces

Alaska: Box of Chocolates

Arizona: Conversation Hearts

Arkansas: Hershey Kisses

California: Conversation Hearts

Colorado: Conversation Hearts

Connecticut: Box of Chocolates

Delaware: Hershey Kisses

Florida: Conversation Hearts

Georgia: Conversation Hearts

Hawaii: Conversation Hearts

Idaho: M&Ms

Illinois: Conversation Hearts

Indiana: Box of Chocolates

Iowa: M&Ms

Kansas: Box of Chocolates

Kentucky: Conversation Hearts

Louisiana: Conversation Hearts

Maine: Chocolate Hearts

Maryland: M&Ms

Massachusetts: Box of Chocolates

Michigan: Conversation Hearts

Minnesota: Conversation Hearts

Mississippi: Box of Chocolates

Missouri: Conversation Hearts

Montana: Conversation Hearts

Nebraska: Chocolate Hearts

Nevada: Box of Chocolates

New Hampshire: Box of Chocolates

New Jersey: Conversation Hearts

New Mexico: Box of Chocolates

New York: Box of Chocolates

North Carolina: Box of Chocolates

North Dakota: Conversation Hearts

Ohio: Box of Chocolates

Oklahoma: Conversation Hearts

Oregon: Chocolate Roses

Pennsylvania: M&Ms

Rhode Island: Chocolate Hearts

South Carolina: Conversation Hearts

South Dakota: Hershey Kisses

Tennessee: Conversation Hearts

Texas: Box of Chocolates

Utah: Box of Chocolates

Vermont: Conversation Hearts

Virginia: Conversation Hearts

Washington: Box of Chocolates

West Virginia: Conversation Hearts

Wisconsin: Conversation Hearts

Wyoming: Chocolate Roses

Who are all these people getting Conversation Hearts? They're not that good. Also, this may be a hot take, but a box of chocolates is a terrible, inefficient gift. Nobody likes every single chocolate in the box, so they end up throwing it away with half of them still in there. Just buy Hershey's like a normal person!

(h/t Candy Store)


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