Here is the Most Popular Type of Restaurant in Every U.S. County

Everyone has a favorite neighborhood restaurant. But is your favorite food establishment the same as others in your area? Well now you can find out!

Google released information on the most popular type of restaurant (i.e. Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, etc.) in every county in America. They used information collected from users who allow location tracking on their phones. They also presented users with options to choose between two types of restaurants for which they would prefer to eat at. Here is the result:

most popular restaurant type

As you can see, there are a few big winners from this map. Pizza is basically King in the Midwest and most of the Northeast. Meanwhile, Mexican food is pretty strong in the Southwest and many parts of the South. Burgers won a decent amount of counties all over the country. Sandwiches and Seafood only won in certain niché areas of the country, and Barbecue won a few counties here or there.

Google also determined what cities prefer each type of restaurant more than others. Here were those results:

most popular restaurant type 2

most popular restaurant type 3

Yes, because when you think about pizza in America, your first thought is obviously Detroit.

(h/t Food and Wine)


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