6 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in New Mexico

If you follow cannabis trends, you may be curious about what the most popular marijuana strains are in New Mexico. At the time of this writing, only medical marijuana (MM) is legal in the Land of Enchantment, but there are still certain cannabis strains that are asked-for more than others. To give you an idea about which cannabis strains are often asked for in “Tierra del Encanto,” here we highlight six of the most popular marijuana strains in New Mexico.

1. CBD Shark
A particularly in-demand strain of MM is CBD Shark, a pungent hybrid that offers the earthy aroma and flavors of fruit, herbs, and nuts. Though indica-dominant, CBD Shark is popular because it delivers an equal ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) so the experience is clear-headed and anxiety-free.

2. Strawberry Cough
One of the most popular marijuana strains in New Mexico dispensaries is Strawberry Cough, a powerful sativa blend that provides a relaxing, euphoric experience. As the name implies, Strawberry Cough has the distinctive smell of fresh berries, the taste of sweet strawberries, and it's known for making smokers cough on the exhale.

3. Critical Plus(+)
Critical Plus is another popular cannabis strain in the Land of Enchantment for its high CBD content and providing relief from body pain, migraines, and anxiety or depression. Critical Plus is known for producing large yield of flowers that have a pungent, skunky aroma and taste of flavorful citrus, herbs, and spices.

4. Jesus OG
With a strong scent and flavor of lemon-fresh citrus, Jesus OG is one of the most sought after marijuana strains in New Mexico. Jesus OG is a sativa-dominant blend that relaxes the body while leaving the mind alert.

5. Kryptonite
Known for its ability to relieve hard-to-treat pain without a heavy sedation, Kryptonite is a potent, indica-dominant strain that offers a sweet aroma of tropical fruit and an earthy flavor of raw sugar.

6. Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator is one of the most popular strains of marijuana in New Mexico dispensaries, primarily for its mentally stimulating and physically relaxing effects. Smooth Operator is a well-balanced hybrid that smells of citrus and diesel fuel and tastes of fruit and flowers.


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