6 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in Alaska

While you're in Alaska, whether as a year-round resident or a seasonal visitor to the The Great Land, you might be curious about which strains of marijuana are most popular in the state. Licensed dispensaries are stocked with varieties like Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies that are popular across the United States, but there are several strains that are asked for more regularly in Alaskan shops than the rest of America. To give you an idea of what cannabis strains are asked for in the Land of the Midnight Sun, here we highlight six of the most popular marijuana strains in Alaska.

1. Alaska
The state's namesake cannabis strain is a top-seller across the Last Frontier, and it has an earthy taste and smell of fresh pine wood. Alaska is a sativa-dominant variety that is often asked for to treat pain, insomnia, and nausea while providing a euphoric cerebral experience.

2. White Widow
One of the most popular marijuana strains in Alaska is White Widow, a pungent hybrid that produces resinous flowers that taste and smell of split wood. White Widow offers a well-balanced mix of both sativa and indica effects, such as uplifting, energetic feelings and bursts of creativity.

3. Matanuska Thunder Fuck
One of the most asked-for strains in Alaska is Matanuska Thunder Fuck (or Matanuska Tundra), a calming sativa that tastes and smells of fresh earth, fruit, and pine.

4. Alaskan Ice
With a mix of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors, Alaskan Ice is a potent sativa-dominant strain that's popular in every region of the Great Land. The resinous flowers of Alaskan Ice offer an energizing, euphoric cerebral experience.

5. Northern Lights
Northern Lights is a popular marijuana strain in Alaskan dispensaries as it offers powerful psychoactive effects on the mind and full-body relaxation. This indica quickly produces colorful, crystal-coated buds that have a spicy aroma and the sweet taste of pine.

6. Manitoba Poison
Manitoba Poison is one of the most popular indica-dominant hybrids in the state of Alaska, and growers appreciate the fact it does well in the region's cooler climate. The purple-hued flowers have a mix of earthy flavors (namely herbs, spices, and cheese) and offer fast-acting sedative effects over body and mind.


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