Here Is the Most Popular Horror Movie in Every State

It's the middle of October, which means you've probably spent the last two weeks watching every scary movie possible. But are your neighbors watching the same horror movies as you?

The website Streaming Observer took data from Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon Surveys, Google Trends and other analytics to figure out the most popular horror movie in every single state. They then put it into a map so it would be easier for us to see. Take a look:

every state most popular horror movie

The big winner has to be Silence of the Lambs, although I would argue that's not really a horror movie. But six states chose it as their favorite horror movie, so maybe I'm wrong. Speaking of movies that aren't horror movies, Shaun of the Dead was the favorite horror movie for four different states, Young Frankenstein and Zombieland both got a state, and This is the End got two states. Again, none of those are horror movies. They have horror elements, they parody horror movies, but they're comedies.

Interestingly enough, a few states chose movies based in their location. Texas chose Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Colorado chose The Shining and Maryland chose Blair Witch Project. And all of those are actually horror movies, so kudos to those states.

Also shoutout to North Carolina and Alabama for picking the actual best horror movie of all time: Halloween.

(h/t Streaming Observer)


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