Viral Map Shows the Most Popular Halloween Movie in Every State

Today is Halloween, which means it's the day where everyone gets together to argue which horror movie is the greatest of all-time. Is it the original Halloween? What about an old-school classic like Psycho? Or maybe you prefer a newer flick, such as Scream decided to figure out which horror movie is the favorite in every state. They looked at Google Trend searches for horror movies in each state to determine their list. Here were the results:

most popular horror movie every state

As you can see, The Ring gets a lot of love from this survey. Personally, I think the movie is slightly overrated, but it's probably as good of a mainstream horror movie as you'll find in one of these lists.

I also take issue with Silence of the Lambs being considered a horror movie. It's really just an amazing thriller, which is a distinct category from horror.

Also, there are a few geographically appropriate choices. The Shining took place in Colorado, so that makes sense, as does The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And it's probably not surprising that people in Hawaii are afraid of a town that's terrorized by shark attacks. And even Vermont choosing Cabin in the Woods feels appropriate, because I just assume that's where everyone lives in that state.

But no love for the original Halloween? Michael Myers, the iconic mask, the incredible score? No one thought that was the best horror movie?

By the way, the correct answer to the best horror movie of all time is Scream.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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