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Here Is the Most Popular Cookbook in Each State

Every region in America has their own favorite type of cuisine. The South likes big meals with grits and fried foods, the Southwest likes spicy dishes, Idaho likes potatoes, etc. So do these places also use different cookbooks to make their meals?

Joybird decided to figure out what is the most popular cookbook in every state. They collected all the data and they put it into one handy-dandy map for us to enjoy. Take a look:

most popular cooking book in each state2

The most popular result was Whole30, a cookbook with 30 healthy recipes for every day of the month. Magnolia Table, a cookbook by chef Joanna Gaines, came in second. Thug Kitchen, the only cookbook that will "verbally abuse you into a healthier diet," came in third.

In terms of pop culture, the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook was the most popular choice in five different states. Meanwhile actress Reese Witherspoon made it onto the list with two states picking the cookbook she wrote, and my home state of Illinois chose model Chrissy Teigen's cookbook.

Here's my only question: Where's Guy Fieri? Has America fallen out of love with our ridiculously dressed celebrity chef?

(h/t Joybird)


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